The IRRAH-Verlag distributes Photos and CDs with soundinstallations, radioplays and sounds from the borderline of music. With a midi plugIn you can listen to a midifile composed by Harri Ansorge called "tatry". Click on program to get a summary of all available CD´s, some of them have soundexamples (mp3),set QuickTime or any other mp3 plugIn for mp3-application in your browsers´ preferences. IRRAH-Verlag is non-commercial, all money that comes in is for the realisation of further projects. You can order by letter. There is 3 € (germany), 5 € (europe) and 8 € (worldwide) mailing charge. Please contact us if you have some ideas, critics or whatever.


Kastanienallee 62

D-10119 Berlin




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