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CD 500 numbered pieces

The performance of dwot (delete whole old track) started with the spontaneous conception and production of Amb I and Amb II in august 96. While the idea of a CD-production grew I fell back upon a piece from the beginning of 1996 "dwot" was born by processing a composition called zehrpts that was written for a performance in cooperation with the "ART" Frankfurt wich schould have taken place in a old swimming pool but unfourtunately was not realized because of the costs so the premiere performance took place at the "Festival für experimentelle Musik" in munich.
The pieces Amb III,IV,V and VI proceded very fast just as the idea of the frame atmospheres in the beginning and the end. The circling bats in the beginning anounce the moving stereopictures of Amb I and II and the soundscape of berlin at the end releases the listener in the wellknown audiorelations of his surrounding.

7 Studioworks from1996
4-track analog and 8-track digital
digital edited and mastered
mastering: Bo (Calyx)
November 1996

HAR 001

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